Guided food tour of Rome after sunset. Eat, drink and visit the main sites in the city center lit up at night.

Calling all history and food lovers! This itinerary combines a walking tour of the Campo Marzio neighborhood, Rome’s oldest district, with the best trattorias and deli shops on the way.

SMALL GROUP OR PRIVATE AVAILABLE:4 h / 6 pm - 10 pm, options available for people with allergies or special dietary requirements


No trip to the “Eternal City” would be complete without a night tour of its historic sites. Whispering their ancient secrets, the lights of evening begin to illuminate their familiar outlines as the sun slips beneath the horizon. It’s quite a spectacle to see the monuments of your travel dreams aglow beneath the stars. Benvenuto!.


Such a tour is best undertaken on the first night of your stay in Rome. Guided by a resident English speaking escort, your group will experience dining and sightseeing that will acquaint you with the city and its environs.


Imagine sampling local fare at seven dining establishments from restaurants to delicatessens. And, while strolling from one to the next, you’ll admire celebrated sites such as Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, and Piazza Farnese. You’ll see the Jewish Ghetto and the renowned location of Julius Caesar’s death, as well.


Gourmet food, fine wine and fascinating corners of the city you’ve never dreamed of await the guests on this informative and fun-filled tour. Your guide has stories to tell about the sites you’ll see, and will introduce you to local vendors and makers of the fine foods and beverages you’ll enjoy. Italy is not all pizza and pasta. Rome offers a savory extravaganza of customary meat, fish, vegetable dishes, and beverages. Enjoy new taste sensations at each dining stop on this exhilarating tour.

The many travellers who have explored the fascinating city of Rome highly recommend this tour as a valuable introduction to sites for further exploration, and foods to try during your stay. Your guide can make suggestions for interesting excursions, so feel free to consult him for answers to your many questions. We look forward to spending a sensational evening with you. Welcome to Rome!

More than 400 Reviews from our guests

Kimmy K., Frankfort, Indiana

For our first full day in Italy of our 2 week trip, we decided to take this tour based on Trip Advisor review. It was AWESOME! We had Bruno as our guide and were with a wonderful friendly group. It was so much more than a food tour... Bruno shared history, funny stories, current events in Rome and his opinion as a local. He fed us good food and took us to wonderful family-owned businesses. Our tour lasted well into 5 hours just because we asked so many questions and didn't want to stop. Come with an empty stomach and be prepared to be full. But the variety of flavors is wonderful. I would do this tour again in a heartbeat. By far, the best thing we did with our limited time in Rome. Gratzia Bruno!

Ellie S., Singapore

We took this tour with Bruno on our first night in Rome -- we were tired from the traveling but were so pleased that we didn't give in to exhaustion and went ahead and took the tour. It was an excellent chance to walk through the neighborhoods, taste some classic Italian food -- from things that are well known to the rest of the world, like cannoli, to things that are not quite so familiar, like fried artichokes. Bruno was lovely and he shared lots of interesting information, about Italian food, Italian culture, and history. The portions were sensible, so by the end of the night, you felt more than satisfied but not uncomfortably full. We did one other food tour, which we also enjoyed, but this one was the best in terms of the history provided and the quality of the food. We went back to several of the places on the tour and would have been happy going back to all of them. In short, this tour is highly recommended!

Craig P., Oxford, United Kingdom

we went on the evening tour with Marta. She was fantastic. We were introduced to loads of different types of italian food, wines and beers at 7 different outlets in the various areas of rome. Most of the food was very different to other restaurants I had tried in rome previously. Marta explained all the dishes, the area it was from in Italy and what made the venue and the food we were trying special. You even get a walking tour of parts of rome to go along with it. By the end of the tour we were definitely full (even though we skipped both lunch and breakfast) and rolled away from the tour very happy! Cant recommend this tour enough, do it early in your visit to Rome and you can take advantage of the supplied list of restaurants or a return visit to some of the places for a second helping!
TIME 6 PM - 10 PM (approximately 4 hours)
WEATHER Tour takes place rain or shine
REQUIREMENTS Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels - Options for vegetarians
SIZE Max 16 people per tour (except for private groups. In this case we arrange a special tour)
MEETING POINT Where we meet: Jewish Ghetto - (exact meeting location provided after booking)
PRICE Contact us for a quick quote. Discounts for children and large groups.

Contact us for more details about this tour and if you have special wishes or needs we can customize the itinerary.

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